Transdev app

Easy and secure travel along with the Transdev app

How does it work?

Download the Transdev app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Search for "Transdev Beta".

With this app

  • Have travel information to your immediate fingertips anytime, anywhere;
  • Stay informed about detour or timetable changes that are relevant to you, so you are not confronted with unexpected surprises;
  • You can save the stops relevant to you as favorites, so that you only have to look them up once.
  • You can easily adjust your travel advice, for example reversing your direction of travel or changing the type of transport;
  • You can search for your stop directly;
  • Have insight into the real-time position of your bus and know how long you have to wait;
  • Can turn on notifications to keep you informed about relevant news or offers;

The Transdev app layout

  1. Planner (Where to?): there you can plan a trip from A to B
  2. Nearby: here you can easily see which stops are near you.
  3. Shared mobility: want to know which shared bicycles and/or shared scooters are nearby? Check them out on the map
  4. Favorites: an overview of favorite stops.
  5. Detour: with an overview of planned and unplanned detour and disruptions.
  6. Customer service: with more information about the app and a feedback form.

Constantly in motion

The Transdev app is always in motion. New features are added all the time. Be sure to check back from time to time to see which ones have been added!