Visual impairment

There are various ways in which we accommodate partially sighted or blind people who travel by bus or train:

  • In the regular buses there is audio information about the bus stops. In the flexbuses, the bus driver will pass on bus stop information.
  • There are guide markers surrounding many bus stops with clear markings at the start and end (see also information on accessibility bus stops).
  • There are destinctive coloured handles and rods in the regular buses.
  • Visually impaired passengers can contact the OV Service Desk for the blind and partially sighted if they have any questions about travelling with the NS Business Card (NSBC).
  • With a Sentire subscription, people with a visual impairment can travel with a lower boarding rate.

Service Desk for the Blind & Partially Sighted

The customer service of OV-chipkaart has a service desk for the blind and partically sighted - known as het Serviceloket OV Blinden & Slechtzienden (B&S). Visually impaired passengers can contact this Service Desk with any questions about travelling with the NS Business Card (NSBC).

Blind and partially sighted people can make all public transport trips with this business card. You will be sent an invoice for this afterwards, which will be collected automatically. Any missed check-in/outs will be corrected by the service desk. This target group is allowed to correct all missed check-ins/outs, unlike other travellers travelling with the NSBC.

Het Serviceloket B&S can be reaced at 0800 4848400 (free of charge) or via email: