Step by step plan: how to activate Transdev Voordeel

Step 1: Check in and out with your debit card

Take the bus and check in and out with your debit card. This is necessary to link your debit card to your personal Transdev account later.

Step 2: Create a Transdev account and log in

Create your personal My Transdev account. You can do this in Transdev's app and on Do you have a  Connexxion account? Then you can skip this step and log in to My Transdev with your My Connexxion credentials (email address and password).

Step 3: Link your debit card to your My Transdev account.

Stay in your My Transdev account and click "Add new debit card". Link your debit card by entering the reference number. This number can be found in your bank's payment statement and starts with NLOV. Also enter the amount of your trip.

Step 4: Haven't you got a statement that starts with NLOV?

Then you have not yet checked in and out with your debit card or you still have to wait for this statement to be processed. One day after you have traveled with your debit card, you will find the reference number in your payment statement.

Step 5: Activate Transdev Voordeel

Go to 'Products'. Activate Transdev Voordeel and press 'Next'.

Step 6: Travel with Transdev Voordeel

Successful. Enjoy Transdev Voordeel!