Naarden Vesting

Walk through the narrow cobbled streets, learn about the eventful past in the Dutch Fortress Museum and cruise through the town's moat. Naarden is one of the best preserved fortified towns and unique because of its star-shaped construction. After exploring the fortress and the nature reserve Naardermeer you can relax in a restaurant in the ramparts or in the cozy neighboring town of Bussum.

Because of its strategic location, the town of Naarden was laid out as a fortress with double city walls, a moat, bastions, city gates and dozens of functional buildings like weapon storages or soldiers' quarters. It became part of the Dutch waterline; the land around the fortress was excavated so that the land was lower and thus easier to inundate.

The Naarden fortress has been beautifully restored. The ancient town is full of special monuments. It offers something for everyone with the wide variety of shops, antique stores, galleries, restaurants and museums. For example, pay a visit to the Dutch Fortress Museum and make a canal cruise, book a sporting activity through Vesting Adventure (such as mountain biking or archery) or taste a special beer on Friday at Vesting Brouwerij Comenius. Highly recommended for a special day out!