Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot, surrounded by water and gardens, was constructed near Amsterdam over 700 years ago. It is one of the oldest and best preserved castles in the Netherlands. The castle arose in 1285 and there are many stories to tell about its long and turbulent history. These days, the castle is a vibrant place enjoyed by many.

Muiderslot castle has been a national museum since 1878. Before then, the castle was completely dilapidated and even came close to being demolished. Fortunately that never happened because King William I got involved. In 1878, the castle became one of the first national museums in the Netherlands. The castle was renovated thoroughly by the architect Pierre Cuypers, whom you may know from Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Amsterdam Central Station.

Collection, residents and more

The collection revolves primarily around two historical eras: the Middle Ages and the 17th century. At the castle, you will discover what life was like in the Middle Ages and the 17th century. This was when the poet and writer P.C. Hooft lived at the castle. Some of the halls are arranged the way they were when he lived here! P.C. Hooft also commissioned the castle gardens, which look the way they did in the 17th century.

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