R-net is an initiative of the collaborating provinces of Flevoland, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, the Metropolitan region of Rotterdam The Hague and the Vervoerregio Amsterdam. The carriers Allgobus, Arriva, Connexxion, EBS, GVB, HTM, NS, Qbuzz and RET operate R-net in their own concessions.

R-net stands for reliable, frequent and comfortable public transport in the Randstad megalopolis. You can identify the buses, trams, subways, trains and stops of R-net by their red and grey colours and the R-net logo.

The 5 assurances of R-net:

  • Reliable: R-net runs on time and offers good connections, so you can always make the journey you desire.
  • Frequent: R-net drives several times an hour, so you will never have to wait long.
  • Accessible: R-net vehicles and bus stops are designed so that all passengers can use R-net.
  • Fast: R-net does not stop at all stops and mostly travels using its own infrastructure. This means that you can reach your destination quickly.
  • Appealing: R-net vehicles and bus stops are comfortably furnished and have a recognisable design.