Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel

What is Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel?

Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel is Transdev's new travel product for your personal OV-chipkaart. It allows you to easily travel with all public transport throughout the Netherlands without balancing your OV-chipkaart! With Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel you pay for your travels afterwards. Every month you will receive an invoice with an overview of all your trips. In addition, with Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel you can also save for a discount on your bus journeys with Transdev in the Gooi and Vecht region. You will receive a discount if you travel for at least 55.11 euros per month. And the more you travel, the higher the discount.

You can order your Gooi en Vechtstreek discount card now and as of July 11th you can travel with Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel.

Past Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel bij mij?

With Gooi and Vechtstreek Voordeel the more you travel the more discount you receive. You build up your discount every month and you get a discount from € 55.11 per month. In addition, you never pay more than € 175 per month for your bus journeys with Transdev in the Gooi and Vecht region. Every month you start building up your discount again.

You build up the discount for your bus travel with Transdev in the Gooi and Vecht region per month as follows:
Travel costs including previously deducted discount Discount on the following journeys
from € 0,- up to € 55,10,- 0%
from € 55,11 up to € 145,43,- 10%
from € 145,44 up to € 174,80,- 60%
above €174,80,- 100%

You never pay more than € 175,- per month for your bus trips with Transdev in Gooi and Vechtstreek

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How does it work?

Why Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel

More flexible with 'Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel'

With 'Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel' you pay for your journey afterwards. You only pay for the trips you actually make. You no longer have to think about whether you will recoup the costs of a season ticket. This makes traveling with 'Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel' a lot more flexible.

Fairer with 'Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel'

The more you travel, the more discount you get. If you have traveled for € 55.11, you already build up a discount over that month. In the Gooi and Vecht region, with 'Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel' you will never pay more than € 175.00 per month for your journey with Transdev!

Simpler with 'Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel'

When you travel with 'Gooi en Vechtstreek Voordeel', you will receive a monthly invoice in arrears for the journeys you have made. So you never need to have any balance on your OV-chipcard when you travel.