Wear a face mask and avoid travelling during rush hour.


From July onwards, public transport can be used by everyone again. The timetable is back to the old level and mouth masks remain mandatory. To enable responsible travel in public transport, we ask our travelers to abide by the national rules.

The national rules in short:

  • Avoid crowds: Travel as much as possible outside rush hour.
  • Use a non-medical mouth mask in public transport (compulsory from 1 June for travellers aged 13 and over). Put on the mouth mask before boarding.
  • Keep distance where possible, even when getting in and out of the vehicle

Different service provision

The provision of services in public transport is somewhat different from what travellers are used to in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

From 1 June wearing a mouth mask in public transport is mandatory

The use of mouth masks is mandatory for passengers in public transport vehicles since 1 June. Shawls and other mouth covers are not sufficient. Travellers themselves are responsible for purchasing mouth masks,

Frequently asked questions

Due to the coronavirus, I will not be using my season ticket for the time being. Can I get the costs of my subscription back?
No negative public transport travel advice has been issued and travelling is still possible. It is not possible to reclaim (part of) the cost of your subscription. However, you can cancel your subscription according to the product conditions.