Did you forget to check out? Was credit debited even though you have a subscription? Was your trip cancelled? Or do you want to stop a subscription? Depending on the area where you travelled, you may be entitled to a refund.
Read more about the five options for asking for a refund via the five tabs below.

Forgotten to check out or checked in or out incorrectly

Forgot to check out? Did you check in or out incorrectly between different carriers? Then apply for a refund at

When travelling on account

Do you have a NS business card? Or NSflex? Then apply for a refund via the NS website.

Credit incorrectly debited from your OV-chipkaart?

Was credit debited while you have a free travel subscription? Or was too much credit debited while travelling? Fill in the form below to request a refund.

Op de verwerking van de persoonsgegevens is het privacystatement van toepassing.

Incorrect debit card transaction in de bus

Did you buy a ticket on the bus and was there too much money debited from your account? Fill in the form 'money back in case of an incorrect debit card transaction'.

Trip failure, delays and other inconveniences

In some cases of inconvenience during the trip, we may give you a refund. As we work with our commissioners - municipalities and provinces - to determine what the compensation rules are, these differ per travel area.

Travel areas

Wondering in which travel area you travel?

Request a refund

Do you think you're entitled to a refund? Then fill in the refund form.

Terminate subscription

Do you want to end a subscription? All subscriptions can be terminated before the end of the reflection period. When the reflection period is over, you can get an refund when you end an annual free travel subscription.

Reflection period

Purchased the wrong subscription or changed your mind? You will receive 100% of the purchase price back if you terminate your chosen subscription no later than the second day of validity of the subscription.

  • Bought product on 25 March with a starting date of 4 April? Then you have until 5 April 23.59 to terminate your subscription.
  • Bought product on 8 December with a starting date of 8 December? Then you have until 9 december 23.59 to terminate your subscription.

After reflection period

Has the period for reflection referred to above expired? In that case, you can get a refund for all annual free travel subscriptions, if you terminate your subscription.

Examples of refund for free travel annual subscription with starting date 1 January:
  • terminate 31 January: 90% refund min € 5,- administration fee
    You used 1 of the 10 months you paid.
  • terminate 31 May: 50% refund min € 5,- administration fee
    You used 5 of the 10 months you paid.
  • terminate 31 Oktober: no refund
    You used the 10 months you paid. The last two months are 'gifts' in annual subscriptions.
For monthly subscriptions and discount cards, you will not get a refund when you terminate after the reflection period.

How do you end your subscription?

Fill out the 'Terminate subscription' form to end your subscription. The time of sending is the time of request.