Lost and found

Lost something in one of our buses? We will gladly try to help you find your property again. All items we find are placed in the search engine of iLost.

How does iLost work?

iLost is the search engine for lost property. Check the list on this page to see if your item is on it.

Almost all found objects will be online within 7 days. Sometimes the placement of a found object takes a little longer. So don't forget to come back and have another look!
It sometimes takes 1 business day before a found item is visible on iLost. Our customer service can't help you with this.

Found on a Transdev bus

Found items at Transdev on iLost
Find it a bit complicated? Then read the frequently asked questions about iLost.

Find something?

Did you find anything in one of our vehicles? Give it to one of our employees or hand it in to the local municipality.