Transdev is a leader in the field of zero-emission passenger transport and innovative mobility solutions. This is how we contribute to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate's intention to make public transport completely emission-free from 2030.
There are currently over 300 electric buses and shuttles powered by Transdev on the Dutch roads. These can be found under the Connexxion flag at and around Schiphol Airport, in North Holland North, Haarlem-IJmond and Hoeksche Waard/Goeree Overflakkee. Hermes' buses in Southeast Brabant are also Zero Emission.

The electric autonomous Parkshuttle in Rotterdam, the trolleybuses in Arnhem-Nijmegen and hydrogen buses in Eindhoven and Hoeksche Waard - Goerree-Overflakkee are also part of the zero-emission fleet.

Sustainable in Gooi en Vechtstreek

Gooi en Vechtstreek will have an important first: this will be the first European bus concession to be run with 100% zero emissions, using wind and solar energy from the region!

As a result of the corona crisis, the inflow of these buses has been delayed, so unfortunately the old Connexxion diesel buses will have to continue to run at the start of the concession. However, in 2022 Gooi & Vechtstreek will switch to the very latest electric buses, which are produced locally.