About Transdev

Transdev is one of the largest mobility companies in the Netherlands. 

Connexxion Everything for the traveler.


We use emission-free vehicles in various locations in the Netherlands. Around Schiphol even with the largest electric fleet in Europe. In this way, Connexxion is actively contributing to reducing emissions from public transport in the Netherlands.


Thanks to the latest technologies, we want to make mobility accessible, safe and easy for everyone. We create a customized mobility solution for each region, with supply and demand being much more closely aligned. For example, in several transport areas we offer OV Flex, a new sustainable and flexible public transport system.


The safety of our passengers and employees is important to Connexxion. We distinguish between social safety, road safety and occupational safety. Safety is a joint responsibility: of citizens, the government and the business community.

Key data 2018

  • Over 140 million public transport chipcard trips
  • Over 1.1 billion passenger kilometers
  • 1662 buses
  • 2457 cab buses
  • 197 electric buses
  • 43 trolley buses
  • 14 trains
  • 6 autonomous shuttles

Transport areas

Connexxion provides public transport services in 9 transport areas:

  • Amstelland Meerlanden
  • Arnhem-Nijmegen (by the name 'Breng')
  • Gooi en Vechtstreek
  • Haarlem-IJmond
  • Hoeksche Waard/Goeree Overflakkee
  • Noord-Holland Noord
  • De 'Parkshuttle' 
  • Zeeland
  • Zuidoost-Brabant (by the name 'Hermes')